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Why should you use a marketing agency instead of employing someone?

Why should you use a marketing agency instead of employing someone?

There are very few industries that have been subject to as much change in recent years than marketing. The way in which consumers now engage with businesses, other industries and even friends is constantly developing and as a result, marketing has moved away from being simply a creative occupation and now relies heavily on technology and social media.

With so many demographics associating with so many “platforms” it’s never been easier to market directly to your ideal customer. Unfortunately, the many various social networks available also means that it’s never been easier to waste marketing spend on techniques that don’t attract or connect with your customers. As a result, more and more companies are now engaging marketing agencies to ensure that their marketing makes the very most of every penny spent on their digital campaigns.

As marketing becomes more technological, agencies can offer businesses a competitive advantage over direct employment in ways that weren’t quite as relevant in the past. Agencies will have a team working on their behalf that covers the many skillsets needed for modern advertising. Creative writers, campaign analysers, website developers, and strategic planners will all be required to create multi-channel campaigns. It’s difficult to find an employee able to cover more than one of these areas, never mind all of them.

In such a quickly changing role, it’s important to have experience within all digital strategies and an agency that is dealing with clients in different industries is best placed to have knowledge of various approaches.

The tools required to analyse results and ensure that metrics are being met can often be expensive and time consuming to use. Agencies are not only equipped with these tools but often have designated staff who are responsible for constantly ensuring that the required results are being achieved. It’s not just the analysis that is time consuming. Content, web design and marketing awareness can also drag business owners away from their particular area of expertise or worse, leave them with so many areas of responsibility that marketing takes a back seat and content becomes dated. Having a marketing “machine” constantly looking after the company’s image and driving business growth whilst allowing business owners to concentrate on growing their business is becoming more and more attractive.

To summarise;

Agencies can provide a team to deliver a modern marketing approach in a specialised industry with very little oversight. They will be results oriented and able to constantly report on effectiveness but will allow businesses to take advantage of these services without the commitment of directly employing staff or creating a department.

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Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
Jack is the founder of Invanity marketing and has worked in digital marketing since the age of 17. Having been involved in both the client-side and the agency side of the process he is building Invanity with a vision of creating a marketing agency that truly delivers on the results it has promised.