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Free tips: How can you utilise digital marketing to take your small business to the next level?

Free tips: How can you utilise digital marketing to take your small business to the next level?

The thought of marketing often induces a sour taste for small business owners. You immediately imagine cold calls, spam enquiries offering to help grow your business and, most importantly, you assume it’s going to cost you a fortune. The following article will help you take your business to the next level and will be the best 6-minute read of your week.

Understand your target market

This is the single most important thing you can do. By understanding who your target customer is you can begin targeting your messaging, offers, and content production towards this person. As a result, you will get higher engagement rates from your marketing activities and ultimately an increase in leads being generated. This may sound obvious (which it is) but it’s how you go about identifying this customer that will elevate you above your competition.

So How do you do this?

It’s important to create an effective buyer persona. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer that you have created, documented, and potentially even drawn using data from your existing customers and an expectation of who you want your ideal customer to be in the future.

This creation of a persona allows you to begin imagining who you are trying to sell to when next creating a marketing campaign or sales play. This will influence the language you use, the medium you contact them through, your frequency of engagement, and much more. Consistency in this area will result in a data driven, precisely targeted campaign maximising the efficiency of every penny spent.

Ok… I get it… but how does it work in real life?

It’s actually working for us right now. Our two target personas here at Invanity are marketing professionals and small business owners. We presume that if you are reading this there is a 90% chance that you fall into one of these categories. Are we wrong?

We understand that although the tips we are giving you today are well within your grasp your time constraints will probably mean that you are unable to deploy the marketing tactics we are discussing. The likelihood though, is that you would like to implement some of these strategies which would require help from a marketing agency, and who better to go with than the company which has introduced the concepts and proven they know the challenges you face? Every article we write is targeting an audience based on the persona we have created and it’s exactly what you should be doing with every aspect of your campaigns.


Have the best website you possibly can and drive people to it!

There is a huge misconception that a perfect website, which is fully optimised to rank you highly within search engines and ensure maximum conversion rates, will cost you a fortune. It won’t- our website prices start from as little as £2,800 and can even be broken down into monthly payments.

As a small business you should be doing everything you can to drive people to your website and increase your digital presence. In 2018, over 80% of retail and over 60% of B2B purchases were made online without physically speaking to anyone. Consumers no longer want to deal with salesmen because they use your website and digital presence as a way of analysing your credibility and understanding what you bring to the marketplace. Your website is your number one salesman now. You wouldn’t have a salesman going out looking scruffy and who couldn’t close an umbrella, so why would you allow your website to be like that?

Utilise social media…Its free!

If you are producing great content which is highly targeted and engaging (which an effective persona will help you achieve) people will follow your page and begin interacting with your business. Through social media you can connect with millions of people for free, as long as you are doing it right. In our opinion it’s the cheapest and most effective way to rapidly scale your business. We have written a blog on this previously which you can find here.

Final thoughts

We promise this isn’t a shameless plug for our services but the best way for a small business to start with marketing is to employ an agency. We could cost you as little as £500 a month and we can manage your social media, build you a new website and maximise your ranking on google within 12 months. The return on investment from this would be mouth-watering and prices are not as high as you may think. If you start small you can eventually grow to a point where there is a clear value to marketing for your business and you can make an informed decision on what’s next in your growth plan. As an additional benefit, we take the stress away from you because we know how pressed for time you are!

Excited by the prospect of working with a marketing agency?

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Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
Jack is the founder of Invanity marketing and has worked in digital marketing since the age of 17. Having been involved in both the client-side and the agency side of the process he is building Invanity with a vision of creating a marketing agency that truly delivers on the results it has promised.