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Marketing emotion on Valentine’s Day

Marketing emotion on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s just a few days away, we thought we would explore the importance of this short-term holiday and identify the emotional keys to people hearts on the day of love.

St. Valentin£’s Day

Some love it, some hate it, but there is one thing we can’t deny – Valentine’s Day means business. Last year consumers in the UK spent £1.8 billion, yes billion, in an array of attempts to woo their loved ones and demonstrate just how much they care. According to research carried out by Mintel, 32% of this astronomical figure was spent on experiences – a rising trend with this figure up 18% from the previous year. This is great news for the dining and hospitality industries, especially when we consider £391 million is spent on going out for meals and £267 million on romantic getaways. 

Emotional Intelligence

If you’re not a restaurant or hotel, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of opportunity for your business to capitalise on this romantic holiday and boost brand awareness and leads. The key thing to remember is to drive emotion in your audience. Studies have shown emotional influences to have a significant impact on purchase decisions and brand relationships but just because it’s Valentine’s Day, don’t restrict yourself to focusing on the idea of ‘love’.

Hello Humour

People are inclined to build positive relationships with those who make them laugh. We are sure you’ll remember Cadbury’s Gorilla advert that delivered a 10% increase in sales and tripled ROI, but most importantly successfully built brand relationships with consumers through laughter.

The Fear Factor

Studies show the large majority of people will leave their Valentine’s Day gift purchasing until the last minute, leaving millions of husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, and love chasers rushing to find the perfect gift. Here lies an opportunity to take advantage of this chaos and highlight the need to buy the ideal present or experience now. This idea is backed up by research that proves creating a sense of urgency can dramatically increase sales.

A Sense of Shock

The idea of love, romance, happy couples and an exciting future as a marketing ploy is simply overplayed at this time of year and it’s very easy to just blend in and get lost in all the noise. Why not do a complete U-turn, just like OVO Energy did with the help of social media marketing. In a recent Valentine’s Day campaign, the energy company decided that instead of promoting happy couples and a future filled with love and laughter, they were going to encourage people to split up. Yes, unconventional; but also genius. OVO suggested that consumers would be better off splitting up from their existing energy supplier and to #FeelLovedAgain by switching to them. 

It’s a Date

Whether you opt for humour, fear, shock, or the traditional of love, remember that the 14th February is a date in which, when marketed effectively and uniquely, can generate sales, leads and relationships for your business so it’s definitely worth flirting with.

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Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
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