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How Localised Landing Pages Help you Leverage the Power of Local SEO

How Localised Landing Pages Help you Leverage the Power of Local SEO

Local SEO allows for businesses to appear highly within search engines such as Google for localised searches, and attract local customers. An example of this would be if you were to search for “window companies near me” you would get a list of local window providers, and most likely in the form of Google’s ‘Local Pack’ SERP feature. Interestingly, in Google’s more recent algorithm changes you no longer need to include the “near me” or a specific town name in your search because Google automatically recognises that if you are searching from a house in London, you don’t want a company in Scotland to do your windows. This intelligence will only improve as a result of things such as Siri and Alexa so it's time you got on board.

But how powerful is local SEO? Is it worth your time? The numbers speak for themselves!


The power of local SEO

There are a huge variety of reasons as to why people would use localised search. It may be because they want to find out what time the Tesco near them closes, or because they need to find the address and phone number of a local business in their area, such as a window installation company.

But It’s important to understand that local SEO doesn’t just have to be about serving people in your “local area”, it’s also about engaging people within your service area.

What’s the difference between my local area and my service area?

Your local area is the villages, towns and cities within a 10 miles radius of your main office, or your HQ and your service area is any location that you can easily sell your products and services in. Just because you are a window company based in Oxfordshire doesn’t mean that you don’t have 35 employees operating nationwide.

Where do landing pages come into this?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a stand-alone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” when they first enter your website.

Through the creation of localised landing pages- which are specific website pages that are custom built for an individual product/service in a designated location. You are not only able to convert your website visitors at a higher level, but you will appear further up Googles rankings across your service area.

These localised pages can be amazing for your SEO so long as they are built correctly. You need to ensure that your keyword (product/service you offer) and location for the page (the location you want to rank in) is in the H1 tag, URL, meta description, body text and alt images effectively and that the page has things such as images and a map of your location.

If you do all of this correctly and by the book (without trying to deceive Google) you will begin ranking for the localised searches even if you’re not local. By creating these localised landing pages for all the locations in your service area you begin to have to opportunity to leverage the power of the local search, drive more traffic into website and convert visitors at a higher level than ever before. Click here for one of our examples! 

Common Mistakes

  • Duplicate content. Do not just duplicate the page and change the locations. It will not work! Each page needs to be created organically and so speaking about the location and using images from the location will help with this. If you just duplicate and then change the location name you will actually be penalised by Google instead of rewarded.
  • Don’t expect immediate results. It can take up to 12 months for this tactic to work.
  • We would recommend building 2 of these pages a month until you run out of locations, these pages take time to create and you don’t wantto get bored and sloppy when building them.

Advanced Tips

  • Consider using an integrated API map for the page that shows your service area.
  • Create a Google My Business location for each localised landing page with custom content for each account.
  • Make them “one way” to ensure that you can only get to the landing page from a Google search and don’t allow people to navigate to the page through the website (hide it from the menu) because it keeps the pages exclusive, specific and avoids spam on your site. You may have to get clever with this as you dont want to leave orphaned pages. 

These pages are simple and easy to create but will benefit from a professional approach.  If you rush them you will not see any benefit so take your time, build them with intelligence and make sure they are engaging. The results will take up to 12 months to come through but it will be worth the wait. If you would like to learn more about SEO, click here. 

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Jack Kennedy
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