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Is search engine marketing a valuable investment?

Is search engine marketing a valuable investment?

It is not uncommon for your website to be bombarded by emails and enquiries that may look like this.

search engine marketing

To whoever is sending these, we are bored of you, and so is the rest of the internet. The Invanity Website is fully optimised for our specific set of expertly selected keywords and we do not need your help. In fact, 99% of those reading this article do not need your help because the SEO practices you are offering are not bespoke to an individual’s scenario and your blanket approach to search engine marketing will not deliver a valuable return on investment. 

This then brings us on to one of the most common questions within the world of search engine marketing. Is it worth the investment? Simply put, yes. In a world where 74% of purchases are made online (both B2B and consumer) your website becomes your number one salesman and your online presence is consequently one of your most valuable assets because by ranking highly within google, you are allowing this unbelievably effective lead generation machine to work at its optimum capacity. 

Before aimlessly throwing money at search engine marketing it’s important to consider the following; 

  • Can you track your keyword rankings effectively? 
  • Can you track how movement in your keywords is effecting your organic traffic?
  • Can you determine if increases in organic traffic are delivering more leads that are converting? 

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then simply put, do not bother investing in search engine marketing until the answer is yes. Without adequate tracking how would you ever determine if you are getting a valuable return on investment? Would you run a scientific experiment without analysing the result after? Would you test new medicine and release it to the general public before you know if it works or not? No and SEO is no different. If you are unable to determine if it has “worked” how will you ever know if your investment has been a success? 

Once you have laid these foundations it’s time to invest in your SEO. If you were to employ the services of a reputable search engine marketing agency these services will cost you around £300-£600/month over the course of six months to a year, potentially even longer. 

Assuming you were to pay £450/month over the course of 12 months, search engine marketing is going to cost you £5,400 a year. This leads you to your next question. Is ranking number one on google for a specific set of keywords and phrases going to increase your annual turnover by more than £5,400? 

In order to determine this you have to understand the following; 

  • How many organic visitors your website got in the last 12 months?
  • How many leads were generated from organic website traffic in the last 12 months?
  • How many of these leads converted into sales and what was the value of these sales?

This research is likely to reveal something along the lines of the following; 

You had 11,800 organic website visitors which resulted in 47 leads equating to 28 sales at a total of £162,000. 

This tells us that every customer that has derived from organic traffic is worth an average of £5,786. Take that one step further and we know that in order to get an additional customer we need roughly 3 leads, and in order to generate 3 leads we need an additional 753 visitors to the site. If you are able to deliver the additional 753 visitors to your website as a result of this search engine marketing and your maths is accurate, you know that it will result in an additional £5,786 of revenue. In addition, good SEO will not only improve the quantity of visitors to your site but also the quality, so there is potential for your conversion rates to increase. 

How can you tell if moving you keywords and phrases upwards in Googles ranking will actually result in an increase in organic website traffic? 

The answer to this is the simplest. It’s through effective keyword targeting. 

Invanity use a software called SEMrush to conduct keyword research for ourselves and for our clients, enabling us to see how many people are searching for a specific keyword in a specific location each month. Then, using Neil Patels data on 20 million click throughs which you can see below, we can calculate how many website visits each keyword is likely to get in each position every month. 


Using this data, we can see that a keyword which gets between 300 and 500 searches a month and ranks in position number 9 on Google is going to deliver 9 to 14 website visitors a month. If this same keyword ranked in position 2 it’s going to give between 33 and 55 visitors a month, a minimum increase of 17 visitors. 

If you were to then take 4 keywords of this type and move them up in a similar fashion, you could potentially increase your organic website traffic by 816 visitors a year. This (when going back to our previous example) delivers an additional customer and provides a valuable return on investment. 

Final thoughts; 

Search engine marketing is without doubt a valuable investment so long as it’s performed by a reputable provider and if the correct data and maths is applied to your calculations. By choosing the correct company to implement your SEO and ensuring that the correct keywords are being targeted, an effective ROI is all but guaranteed, making It worth the investment. 

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Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
Jack is the founder of Invanity marketing and has worked in digital marketing since the age of 17. Having been involved in both the client-side and the agency side of the process he is building Invanity with a vision of creating a marketing agency that truly delivers on the results it has promised.