How to optimise Google My Business

How to optimise Google My Business

 What is Google My Business?

Google my business is the business profile that shows up when you directly search for a business, or when you are searching for something in your local area and get listed with a map pack of images as seen below.


Google My Business optimised listings

The primary function of Google My Business is to make searches for top level information such as opening hours, top level services, contact details, and the location of the business more easily accessible to searchers. The benefit of this to you as a business owner? It gives you yet another opportunity to provide Google with critical information about you, your business, and your website, all of which Google uses to determine your rankings inside its search engine. From your point of view a strong Google My Business profile will help you appear further up rankings for the ‘near me’ searches, will provide users with reviews of your business, and will make it easier for people to find and contact you. In this blog we explore how to ensure your Google My Business profile is optimised for all of the above, allowing you to get the maximum value from this free resource.

So, how do you optimise your GMB profile?

1. Your profile needs to be complete and up to date 

Firstly, let’s start with the obvious. You need to ensure that all of the basics are covered – Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP). Then, your business profile needs to be fully packed with all of the relevant information possible. Don’t leave searchers unfulfilled or looking for more. This is their first impression of your business and every element counts. All information that you put into your business profile will be indexed by Google and will aid your local SEO campaigns. 

Offer multiple contact options 

Telephone is not the only way for your customers to contact you and it’s not always the preferred method – 58% of consumers indicated they would view a business more positively if they offered SMS capabilities.   

It is easy to segregate a section of the market by not including one of these alternatives, so consider all options carefully. Not all of the options may be appropriate for your business, so tailor it to your audience. 

Utilise photos

There is no limit to the amount of photos you can have on GMB, so take full advantage of it. Google reported that businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for driving directions and a 35% higher click-through rate. Ensure the photos you upload are realistic and a good quality because poor quality and unappealing images discourage business. Photos of the products you sell, your workspace and your store front are informative and will provide value to potential customers. Inside the images section of your GMB you will be asked to provide things such as a logo, interior, and exterior of your building. This is something you 100% need to comply with. 

Set up call to actions

Including call to actions in your business profile motivates customers to make a purchase, contact you, or make a booking. It can drastically improve lead times and by allowing instant purchases/ bookings you minimise the opportunity for customers to forget their intentions or visit competitors. Everything they need to make a purchase/booking is in front of them.


2. Respond to reviews – Good or Bad 

93% of local consumers use reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad. Consumers will always be influenced by what people are saying about you, which is why it is imperative to respond to reviews to create a two way conversation. Thank people for their positive feedback and address any negative feedback, which will discourage any belief that their opinions are ignored. Consumers want to see that you are proactive and attentive to their needs. It’s important to note that 38% of people want not only a response, but a resolution to a complaint within a day and 30.3% of people expect it in 3 days. 

Recognising positive reviews also encourages repeat purchases as it builds good relationships and increases customer loyalty. Give them a reason to choose you over a competitor. We would also advise you to ask customers to leave you a review to begin building a profile of happy customers.  

3. List all of the products and services you offer  

Listing all of the products or services that your business provides increases the likelihood that you will appear when people search keywords within your target location. Your business listing will appear with a tag saying ‘Sold here’, instantly notifying them that you can provide a solution to their problem. Make sure that you have used sufficient keywords when listing the products you sell. Be succinct and on trend with the terms used by consumers in your industry. 

4. Special offers  

When customers search for your business they can see your latest news and offers, so include any promotions or discounts you are running and keep them up to date. Daily offers and seasonal offers encourages repeat customers, leading to a higher retention rate. A 5% increase in customer retention rate can increase company revenue by over 25% because retained customers often buy more and spend more than new customers. This is because they’ve learned the value of your products or services and keep coming back, again and again. 

5. Make sure your website is mobile friendly  

61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site. This statistic alone highlights the importance of not only linking your website to your Google My Business profile, but to make sure that your site is mobile friendly. If you don’t have a website (which a lot of smaller local businesses do not) take full advantage of the website creator that Google My Business provides. This is mobile friendly and will maximise your exposure to these mobile searchers as 28% of searches for something locally result in a purchase. 


Growing your online presence is the key to reaching a greater portion of your target audience. They are looking for you and your products so make yourself visible to them and increase your chances of lead generation and conversion. 

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Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy
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