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How the design of your website impacts lead generation

How the design of your website impacts lead generation

When it comes to creating a new website, or redesigning your current one, it’s important to think of more than just it’s overall appearance. Of course, we’re all looking for a website that is visually stunning and captures the attention of our target audience, but when we consider the need to generate leads there’s much more to it. In this blog we’re going to look at some key components of your website and it’s design that impact lead generation. 

Home page

Your home page can often be the first page users see and is where they may build their first impression of your business. The design of your homepage needs to be visually compelling, but also provide clear and targeted messaging about your business and how it can help solve the users’ needs. Providing confidence to the visitor that you can deliver what they’re looking for will encourage then to navigate to other pages and continue their journey on your website. A poorly designed home page may create a lack of trust and confidence, and users will leave to visit a competitors website.


When users visit your website it will be because they are looking for something. Whether it’s information, products, contact details, or even a gallery, the navigation of your website needs to support them in finding what they’re looking for. Research tells us that when presented with too many choices, users will find it difficult to make a decision, so keep your navigation concise and provide clear titles for the different sections of your site. Clear titles will help users understand where they can find the information they need and will push them further through their journey.

Conversion Opportunities

Once users have been built trust and confidence in your website, and have explored a range of pages to discover more, they’ll likely be ready to convert. It’s critical that your website is optimised for conversions and provides opportunities for users to get in touch. Great examples include a chat bot, short forms, non-obstructive pop-ups, or a clear button than can direct users to the contact page. Without such opportunities, your site could miss out on a huge 33% of additional leads.

Responsive Design

A website that seamlessly changes its design based on the device from which the user is browsing has never been more important. Over the last decade there has been a huge shift in how people visit websites. In 2020 mobile devices are the most commonly used devices, with more the 50% of website visits coming from these mobiles and tablets.

Responsive Design

If your website doesn’t provide a strong responsive design that will adapt to the various mobile and tablet screens, you’ll be providing a poor user experience for more than half of your website visitors. They’ll struggle to navigate your website and find the information they’re looking for. Users will likely get frustrated with the experience and leave to visit a competitors website.

Additionally, a mobile responsive design can help improve your ranking in search engines. When you have a mobile responsive design you can submit this version of your site to the Google index. When users search on Google using a mobile device, Google will prioritise what they call ‘mobile-first’ sites. If you don’t have a site that response to mobile screens, you’ll miss out on more than half of all opportunities to rank highly in Google, and therefore miss out on a large number of potential new visitors and leads.


The design of your website directly impacts your online lead generation. It’s critical to optimise your website to attract and convert leads through intelligent design. There are a range of components of your site that, when designed well, can support successful lead generation and it’s important to review the performance of these on an ongoing basis and make updates when necessary.

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Jack Kennedy
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