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Great apps to download & help you and your employees stay positive throughout lockdown

Great apps to download & help you and your employees stay positive throughout lockdown

While us and our employees try to navigate our lives through these unfamiliar times there’s no doubt that, every now and then, it will be a struggle to maintain a positive focus. We’re all human and we’re all going to go through the emotions, it’s normal. However it can often be the small things that keep us smiling and so we thought we’d recommend a few mobile apps that can help you and your teams stay focused, entertained and positive throughout isolation. For each app we have also provided their App Store star rating. 


With gyms closed, fitness apps can play a key role in motivating you to exercise as much as possible. Here we’ve recommended apps for outdoor and indoor exercise.

Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club app really is your perfect running partner and motivator. You can easily track and log your runs, add friends to compare and compete, sign up for weekly and monthly challenges, and generate customised training plans. You can also take on guided runs which are delivered by Nike coaches and athletes such as Olympic and World Champion Mo Farah. For added fun there are a wide range of badges to collect and you can compete with your colleagues whilst keeping healthy and making the most of your outdoor exercise.

Nike Training Club

Another Nike app and another 5 stars. Maybe it’s because they make them so sleek, easy to use and highly engaging. The Nike Training Club app can be seen as the sister app to the Run Club, and is more focused around workouts rather than running. You can select from an extensive range of body workouts and HIIT classes to suit your needs at any specific time. There are workouts for the whole family, workouts to boost your mood, and workouts suitable for beginners and athletes. You can also create a custom plan for your fitness goals, and with notifications turned on, the app can keep your focus and motivation levels high.


Although this isn’t a fitness specific app, you can be sure to find some great workout videos on YouTube that are motivating, effortful, and enjoyable. You’ll be able to find workouts to suit your mood and your goals. A common favourite of YouTube fitness is Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. We recently discovered MadFit, a coach who offers guided workouts that keep pace with the beat to feel good music. With so many fitness coaches on YouTube it gives you freedom of choice and helps ensure you find the one best suited to you.


Being confined to your home for the majority of every day can take its toll and it’s important that you and your team take care of mental wellbeing as well as the physical.


Headspace is your guide to health and happiness and is an app focused on mindfulness exercises and guided meditations. The app offers hundreds of mediations to help with everything from stress to anxiety to insomnia, and can really play a key role in your day to day. You don’t need to dedicate lots of time to this app, with 10-15 minutes a day being plenty. The reviews speak for themselves in how it can have such a positive impact and help maintain happiness.


Sometimes it just helps to write things down and keep track of your own thoughts and feelings. Reflectly is a digital journal created to support people in self-care and happiness. It is driven by artificial intelligence to help reduce negative thoughts and expand positive emotions. This is a great app to share with your employees and encourage them to take note of how they are finding working from home, coping with taking care of children alongside working, and the general shift in lifestyle.


A clear substitute for meeting up in person is live video chat. These two apps have seen a surge in downloads in recent weeks – with Houseparty seeing a 1072% increase in downloads.


Having reached number 1 in the social networking category, Houseparty has proven one of the most popular apps during the lockdown. More than just video chat, the app describes itself as a face-to-face social network where you can catch up with friends whilst playing a range of in-app games. A slight downside to Houseparty is the maximum number of participants in a single chat which is 8. However, it’s a great way to keep up to date with friends, have a laugh and enjoy some fun and companionship.


Now you’re probably used to using Zoom for remote meetings either with colleagues or clients, but the app has proven a popular choice for social hangouts during the lockdown. It’s now become the number 1 app in the business category. Zoom have themselves removed the usual 45 minute time limit on free user accounts, meaning you can catch up with friends, colleagues, and family without having to worry about leaving so soon. A key benefit to Zoom is that you can meet with up to 100 people at any time so nobody has to be left out.

Fun & Games

It can be fun to stay indoors, and here are two apps (both classics) that are sure to provide endless fun and entertainment and become a key part of your day.

Mario Kart Tour

Who doesn’t love Mario Kart? Great fun for everyone and a game with which you can really binge and get competitive. A relatively new release for mobile, now currently ranked number 2 in the racing games category, Mario and friends can keep you company for hours on end. The app will shortly be releasing an online multiplayer mode which will allow you to compete with colleagues wherever they are. Start now and get practicing just in time to show your staff you’re not just the boss in the office.


A digital take on an old classic, Charades is endless entertainment and will often leave you in fits of laughter. With a range of challenges including dancing, singing, acting and sketching, the aim of the game is to guess the word on your head from the clues given by friends and family before the timer runs out. Whilst this doesn’t currently have in-built multiplayer functionality, it does work well using a video chat app such Zoom on a laptop or smart TV.


These are just a few apps we think can help contribute toward keeping you and your employees entertained, focused, and happy whilst we wait for the lockdown to be lifted. Try the apps for yourself and share them with your staff and colleagues as a way to keep in touch outside of work and have fun.


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