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Drive traffic to your website with the skyscraper technique

Drive traffic to your website with the skyscraper technique

Driving traffic to your website is a key goal of any digital marketing strategy. Your website is the epicentre of your business online and its where people go to understand who you are and how you can satisfy their needs. The more traffic that lands on your website, the greater your brand awareness and the higher likelihood of generating new business. If your website is designed intelligently, visitors will more easily convert to customers. An often overlooked tactic to drive traffic to your website is the Skyscraper technique.

What is the skyscraper technique?

Developed by Backlinko, the Skyscraper technique is one which aims to turn content into high quality backlinks. If you’re familiar with SEO, you’ll know the importance of backlinks. 


The idea behind this technique is one where you leverage existing high performing content.

The first step is to research trending topics and current valuable content related to your business and what you offer. A simple way to do this is by searching on Google. The content that appears on the first page is clearly valuable, hence it’s high ranking. To find out the current trending questions being asked on search engines, you can use this great tool called

Once you’ve identified high quality content, or topics in your area of expertise that are currently trending, it’s time to repackaging that content your way. Bear in mind that it should be different from how the content currently exists. For example: if you find a great blog with 5 key tips to success you shouldn’t rewrite the blog, you should turn it into a video, or interactive PDF, or slideshow. The key thing to achieve is reproducing a more valuable and engaging asset than what already exists.

The third and final step in the technique is to generate those backlinks. You should reach out to people who create content on topics related to your business and industry, share your exciting new content with them and encourage them to link to it. You can share content directly in the form or emails and private messages, or indirectly by posting on social accounts and groups, blog comment sections, and forums.

Why does the Skyscraper technique work?

Demand exists

Because the first step of the technique is to explore and identify existing high performing content, it’s clear that there is already a demand for the content and that people are eager to link to it and share it. The important thing to focus on is the reason why people link to it, what makes it valuable, and improving on that further.

A primed audience

Following on from the previous point, the fact that the content is already widely accessible and is being consumed by a wide audience means that people are eager to find out more about the topic. The audience will be seeking improved, relevant information with anticipation and your content is ready to fulfil that need. Think of it in the context of a movie. There is usually much more anticipation and excitement for a sequel than the original. This is because people have seen the first movie and are primed to discover more.

SEO potential

Google is already indexing and ranking highly the content of which you are reproducing. By making that content even more engaging, in a format that users will find more valuable, you have the opportunity to outperform and outrank the existing content. With the improved ranking of your webpages, you’ll benefit from increased levels of traffic to your site.


6-step checklist for the Skyscraper technique

1. Research & Discover Opportunities

As mentioned earlier in this blog, the first step is to research high performing content that currently exists, as well as trending topics related to your field of business. You can use to identify questions users are asking which will inform your content, as well as Google’s Keyword Planner to discover the keywords most commonly used in searches.

2. Create a List of Potential Distribution Partners

Start off by listing the people you know, your LinkedIn connections, and any relevant business acquaintances that would be happy to share you content. To extend further, use BuzzSumo to identify the most shared content based on a particular topic and reach out to the people who shared it – it’s quite likely they’d be keen to share your content too.

3. Produce Better Content

This is where you produce the new and improved content. Whether it’s transforming a blog to a video, a white paper to an interactive PDF, or taking a trending topic and publishing a podcast, it’s key to produce a more valuable and engaging piece of content for your audience.

4. Promote Content to Your Audience

It’s time to share your content. Start with your social channels and remember you don’t have to stick to organic posting, promote the post with a bit of your budget and get a high number of eyes on the content.

5. Reach Out to the Right People

Now that you’ve gained a little momentum and the content is picking up views, reach out to the distribution list you would have created. These are the key people that are likely to link to your content and start building up those backlinks.

6. Stay On-Trend

The Skyscraper technique is an ongoing tactic that you should continually work on. The great content you produce now will become outdated at some point, so it’s vital to keep reproducing fresh content and staying on-trend with relevant topics.

The Skyscraper technique is one which encourages you to reproduce existing, high performing content and make it more valuable and engaging, with the aim of generating backlinks to your website. It exists to help increase the levels of traffic your website receives, which will in turn contribute towards the generation of new business.

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